Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shrink Plastic Necklace Pendants

ITEM: Shrink Plastic Necklace Pendants (many different designs)
PRICE: $5.00

Pinback Buttons

Item: 1.25" Pinback Buttons
PRICE: $1.00 each

...and many more designs!

Pocket Mirrors

Item: 2.25" Pocket Mirrors
PRICE: $4.00 each

Bottle Cap Necklaces

ITEM: Bottle Cap Necklaces (Over 80 different designs)
MATERIALS: Vintage bottle caps, resin, beads
PRICE: $10.00

Spirit People Art Doll Pins

ITEM: Spirit People Art Doll Pins
MATERIALS: Air-dry clay, fabric, beads, yarn
PRICE: $5.00

Ancestor Necklace Sculptures

ITEM: Ancestor Necklace Sculptures
MATERIALS: Polymer clay
PRICE: $10.00

Barrel of Monkeys Earrings

ITEM: Barrel of Monkeys Earrings
MATERIALS: Plastic mini monkeys, copper wire, earring hooks
PRICE: $3.00/pair


ITEM: 11x14 matted and framed photographs
PRICE: $25.00